Spring Awakening Film Goes Into Production


Spring Awakening film production still

From our INDEPENDENT FILM division ~~~ comes the BIG NEWS of the day! Kurt Leitner has begun film production on his (sure to be a festival favorite) SPRING AWAKENING. Based on the 1891 play of the same name, by Frank Wedekind, Mr. Leitner is recreating this teen-sex-angst drama as authentically as possible. “It will be a non-musical version, but still a period piece.” Production commenced on the Island of Nanucket, MA and will wrap up this Summer in the state of MD! Behind-the-scenes photos are being released to us exclusively for now!! Here is the first of many (we hope : ) ~~~ Break-A-Lense!


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  1. Lester Greg says:

    As long as McG is not involved in any way!