Zombies Rise Up in Star Wars Galaxies


Star Wars Galaxies Death Trooper Battles

Star Wars Galaxies was an amazing failed experiment of what a massively multiplayer Star Wars game should be. Some of us stuck with it far too long, and with the new Star Wars: The Old Republic on the way, it’s largely been forgotten, if not dead. NOT SO, says the game creators though; they still have some life in them, or rather, UNLIFE!

Based on the upcoming book, Death Troopers, this new update to Star Wars Galaxies pits players against undead monsters and aliens in the Star Wars universe. Zombies + Star Wars = AWESOME! It’s like Left 4 Dead but with Stormtroopers! Here’s the book description:

When the Imperial prison barge Purge breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part of space, its only hope seems to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting, derelict and seemingly abandoned. But when a boarding party is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come back — bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal that within hours, nearly all aboard the Purge will die. And death is only the beginning.

For aboard the Star Destroyer, amid its vast creaking emptiness that isn’t really empty at all. For the dead are rising, soulless, unstoppable, and unspeakably hungry.

It almost makes me want to play it again. Almost!


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2 Responses

  1. caroly markley says:

    book look interesting i do real alot sw books, and i was playing swg for awhile but since alot my friend left it not the same for me, plus im waiting for swtor to come out)

  2. Oughenn says:

    Thank you for that information, have been looking some nights because of this.