Disney World Star Tours Grand Opening Webcast


The continuing adventures of Star Tours will be officially revealed to the public on Friday at Walt Disney World and it looks like you’ll be able to see the grand opening of “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” as it happens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the Disney Parks Blog.

The site states that, “Beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern on May 20, we will host a live webcast of the grand opening that will feature the ceremonial arrival of several dignitaries from around the galaxy to join in the fun. Our webcast will include the entire grand opening event plus some material just for those of you watching online. You never know what the Force may bring. The webcast also will be also be live streaming on our Star Tours Facebook page and on our Disney Parks YouTube page. The webcast will require a computer or mobile device that supports Flash.”

While that occurs, Cybergosh will be at a special preview event covering the action from Disneyland, so make sure you’re following @EGeekly on Twitter for the news as it breaks!


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