Good Riddance Michael Jackson

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I loved you in the in 80s, but these last 20 years have been hellish. Child molestation charges, your baby dangling, you almost made me revoke my fan membership but I still love Beat It and Bad, mostly because they’re great and somewhat because Weird Al has great parodies of them. I hope you find peace whereever the HELL you end up, but I’d be lying if I said I really cared about you recently and that this affects me in any negative way. I am sad that someone died, but I’d be more sad if it were John Landis.

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105 Responses

  1. ella says:

    delete this picture.
    he’s dead.
    it’s not enough for you?

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    I am fine. I am not dead.


    my nose :(:(

  5. Crimm says:

    Is it not enough for you that the man is dead? Must you critisize him and berate him when hes no longer around to defend himself, or his actions? That is just spineless and childish. No one says you have ot like him but dont act like a five year old about it.