D-Box Motion Control RULES! – Terminator Salvation Seat Review


You haven’t lived until you’ve FELT the Terminator theme.

Yes, I’m not reviewing Terminator Salvation. I think we all share a similar opinion on it (a thousand times better than T3, still nowhere near T2) and if not, I don’t want to know. However, you *MUST* know about the Mann’s Chinese 6 and their new motion-control seats. They’ve installed a row of seats from a company called D-BOX, which specializes in high-end chairs for the rich and famous. They’re looking to integrate a consumer line, but at $3500 a pop, it’s still a long road for them. However, they’ve also allied with certain movie theaters, including one around the corner, to offer motion-control seats for theatrical releases!!

The first release, I believe, was Fast and Furious (or whatever it was called), and Terminator: Salvation was the next one up. There’s approximately 40 minutes worth of effects during the movie, but it felt pretty continuous to me. It pivots and swivels while helicopters coast in, and vibrates when motorcycles race past. Bullet effects jolt the chair, and there was even one time when Jen jumped a little because of a combination sound effect and chair motion. It really made the movie going experience, it was never unpleasantly distracting and I found myself giggling throughout. The only negatives currently reside with ticketing, as you can’t buy tickets online and there’s no assigned seats, so you have to either show up early or go at an off-time. Seats don’t recline, though they were fairly comfy. I wish the seats were raised a little more as it was more fun with my feet dangling, then when they were on the floor.

I wish I knew about this beforehand because I would have definitely seen Fast and Furious to feel it. There’s another movie coming in July, my bet’s on Harry Potter, but we’ll see. Anyone in LA *must* check it out; anyone not in LA *must* move to LA and then check it out.

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Here’s a TV spot on the chairs: Arizona TV show spot

Official site: D-Box


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