The Longest Awaited Sequels Of All-Time


28 years of dreaming, hoping, waiting… all come down to tonight at midnight. 28 years from first entering The Grid in 1982’s TRON to diving back in tonight in TRON: Legacy. Is it really happening!? It still seems surreal this film exists. When you wait this long for something, it feels like it should almost never really arrive.

Similar feelings occurred before sitting down to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and, before that Episode III (although only three years since the last Prequel, it was the end of, really, sequences we heard about and were dreaming about since around 1980).

So what other films took decades before giving audiences another dose of their worlds?

May we present the All-Time Longest Awaited Sequels.  Not necessarily the MOST awaited, just the sequels with the longest length of time between them in theaters. Those were the only two rules, nothing straight-to-video (like Disney’s countless animated sequels) and no reboots – gotta be a proper sequel! So, let’s take a look, starting with anything that added up to a 10 year or longer wait…

X-files 1 to 2

Rocky 5 to 6
Toy Story 2 to 3

Terminator 2 to 3
Die Hard 3 to 4
Clerks to Clerks 2

2001 to 2010
Chinatown to Two Jakes
Godfather 2 to 3
American Werewolf In London to Paris
Jedi to Phantom Menace

Blue Brothers 1 to 2

Indy 3 to 4

Predator 2 to Predators (does not include the “Aliens Vs” films)
Rambo 3 to 4

The Hustler to Color of Money

Tron to Tron: Legacy

….and honorable mention going to:

Fantasia (1940) to Fantasia/2000 (1999)
(since it is not a TRUE sequel, just another installment.)

Did I leave any out? Comment away and let me know what I missed!

And most of all, enjoy the longest-awaited sequel of all time tonight at midnight!

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Schwab says:

    Alice in Wonderland 59 years 1951 2010.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    I suppose you are correct. Burton’s Alice IS a sequel I suppose. But more of a sequel to the story and not a sequel to any pre-existing Tim Burton Alice film. This one is a tough call, wouldn’t you say?

  3. Darwin says:

    There was a 30 year gap between The Odd Couple and The Odd Couple 2.

  4. Finn The Human says:

    Monsters Inc’s sequel Monsters University took about 12-13 years to be made and released!