He’s going to need a lot of ShamWows to clean up this mess. A few months ago knowing who Vince Shlomi was meant you stayed up till ungodly hours watching shows like Cheaters…so I’ve been told. As of late though wild eyed Vince and his Slap Choppers and ShamWow towels have been popping up all over legitimate TV, no longer sandwiched in between ads that start with “If you’ve been injured…”
But sadly the man who managed to work “you’re gonna love my nuts” into a commercial has shown the same brazen disregard for good taste in a darker way – Vince was arrested last month for going Chris Brown on a hooker after she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go. I would’ve expected this from the Art Instruction Schools guy, he with his weird affinity for drawing turtles and pirates, but not Vince! What’s next, the AT&T dad sending a text to his daughter of that grinning stuffed monkey from San Quentin? More bars, indeed.
Respect to Shanty Irish Sr. for the headline, thanks pops, you should work for the NY Post.