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This movie got me HOT and gave me CHILLS.  Perfect Combo.

Sex Drive is out this weekend. It is the best film of its kind since…hmmm…I saw a screening of it a few months back, and seeing it a second time today made me realize this IS the best film of its kind. This film works on mulitiple levels for me. I’m jealous of it. And it made me feel a way i haven’t felt in a movie since Tonya Roberts emerged from the lake. This is what your next movie should be. Don’t wait for DVD with this one.


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  1. bURNT says:

    Saw it!~ Enjoyed it.  A naughty little film!!  And MAX PAYNE was so horrible!!!

  2. cybergosh says:

    You were right.  I walked the fuck out of that shit.  Still, better than Hitman.  W was just a V, or a single U for me as i walked out midway through.  I like the subject matter of Bush as the fuck up we all know he is, it just was such unengaging sub-par filmaking.  Stone should have stayed retired.  Newton as Rice was a joke.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I wait for Blu-ray these days, especially if anything it will be UNRATED and with MORE DRIVE.  These kinds of movies never drive me into the theaters like the way a good wood splinter monster does.

  4. cybergosh says:

    YO – the theatrical version feels like an unrated version for this one – i’m telling you – if you dont like it ill mail you a free voucher for amc theatres.  Seriously.  I’m going to call this one of the best written films of the year.

  5. junky says:

    went to premiere.  was fun.  Did you see our old pal John Bowie as the dentist?  Funny.  I did like the movie, thought it was above average with a very strong cast and an overall sweet message.  Wouldn’t go to Berg lengths of praise, but it was probably better than Road Trip and on par with American Pie.  Sadly, it did not do well.  I mean, even for a low budget comedy it was disappointing numbers.  It was a non-weekend overall.  Too bad.

  6. cybergosh says:

    Awesome you went to the premiere!  Jealous!  Jealous of you and Jealous of all involved with this film!!!!!!!!!!!!  John Bowie made a short small cameo very funny – not every actor can take such a bit part and make it that fun.  he’s cool.  on par with AP?!?!  youre nuts!  this blows that outta the water with likable characters, more heart and lines that will we all will be quoting 20 years from now – which is what makes it on par with the best of the 80’s films we loved and still quote today.  when do you ever find yourself quoting american pie??!!  Plus, this was the first time one of these films got the girls right.