The Early Effect


Just to share that I’m not all full of bile and rage, despite bad bad bad entertainment, I’ve started on my Mass Effect journey. Mass Effect is an original sci-fi RPG from the creators of Knights of the Old Republic (an awesome Star Wars RPG). I had read the prequel novel before playing, so I was aware of the universe, and jumping in, I’m in love. The dialog is refreshing, the story interesting, the graphics amazing, and I’ve done next to nothing so far! I’ve had more fun in my 30 mins of watching an interactive cutscene than all the hours of Assassin’s Creed and The Mist combined.

If you haven’t picked this bad boy up, get it now. Mass Effect rules!


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  1. claire r. says:

    yo have you played Hellgate: London?  the ad campaign is so cool I’m intrigued…the demo on the site looks like a less instense Resistance, but still I’m wondering…

  2. Fat Ass says:

    Keep playing and updating us. Duckets are thin at holiday time, so I don’t want to waste, but I’m a huge fan of KOTOR (the first one, anyway) and I’d be willing to give Mass Effect a whirl. But I’ve seen an awful lot of bad reviews, including one on the front page of USA Today this morning. Is the AI as bad as they say? Does it make the game intolerable? Let me know when you’re 10 hours in…

  3. Eros Welker says:

    Hellgate: London looks and sounds amazing, and I absolutely must playit.  From what I hear it’s as addictive as Diablo, but as open-ended as World of Warcraft.  That’s a lethal duo, so I need to stay away for a bit. wink

    Fats, as for ME, so far I haven’t found the AI to be all that challenging, but the atmosphere.  Man, I could play this game for hours if it had NO combat… though I do like me some leveling.  I’ll chime back in when I get somewhere meaty.

  4. mdhuff says:

    I’ve been looking for a good RPG.  Is it 360?  And should I read the book first like you did, or can I just jump in?

  5. claire r. says:

    thanks for the input.  i already want an “i’m going to london” tee shirt and I haven’t even played it yet…between that and The Umbrella Chronicles it makes being outside for the next three months totally for suckers.