Lost Star Also Needs to “Shut His Face!”



I was a little behind on all things Lost, now I’ve finally caught up, watched the finale and started reading articles on it again, and I discovered an addition to the Spike Lee / Angelina Jolie “where’s the blacks?” rants as of late. Harold Perrineau, bitter, or would be champion of destroying black stereotypes no one was even thinking?

Perrineau was irritated that his character Michael was (SPOILER if you haven’t watched the finale, but if you haven’t yet, I can’t imagine that you care) killed off, not because it meant the end of a steady paycheck, but because, wait for it, “the loss of Michael meant that Walt winds up being another fatherless child, [and] it plays into a really big, weird stereotype.”

When reached for comment, Eddie Murphy’s Bowfinger character said “Yeah, I know where he’s coming from. No. Wait, I don’t. That’s a bit much even for me.”

Even if I was watching a show revolving around time travel, electromagnetic energy, a magical island, and smoke monsters for social realism, I’d still have a tough time with Perrineau’s gripe. He’s acting like Michael was killed off in a game of dice gone bad. Out of everyone’s back stories, his was one of the least seedy. He wasn’t a killer (Kate, Sawyer), a chick who didn’t know who her baby’s daddy was (Sun), a chick who’s baby’s daddy ran off (Claire), or a drug addict (Charlie). I think he’s really pissy because being on Lost sounds like the best gig ever. It films in Hawaii and most of the core actors don’t even work every day that the season films. You could cast me as a Jameson’s swilling, Pogues listening, Riverdancing leprechaun for that deal.

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But hey, Harold, if you’re really that upset, write a screenplay starring a Harold Perrineau type who’s a noble black soldier during WW2 who’s married to a black princess. Have Spike direct, and Angelina produce. Then pray it doesn’t open against Scary Movie 5.


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  1. Eros Welker says:

    Fuckin’ Walt.  I wish he never came back… and who’s to say that he’s really dead anyway?  I’m sure he’ll wake up in a hospital and see Libby and all will be fine.  He bugs me almost as much as the show.  Almost.

  2. Battlestar Tiffactica says:

    oh no he dih’int! He be straight up trippin’!

  3. mdhuff says:

    He’s not dead.  When Jack’s father appeared, he said, “Micheal, you can go now.” I think that meant he JUMPED time/space right before the explosion.