Watchmen’s “Black Freighter” Coming to DVD

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I’m a fan of Zach Snyder, so until he screws up royally I’m going to see his movies. So couple him with the Watchmen and I’m super-excited. I can’t wait to see the filmed version of this unfilmable epic. I have faith, and even more so now that it’s reported that Warner Bros. will release Tales of the Black Freighter, the pirated-themed comic inside the original Watchmen comic (whoa, so meta), on DVD a couple days after Watchmen is released. March has never looked so good.

Tales of the Black Freighter

The DVD, Tales of the Black Freighter, and will be a direct-to-video anime, streeting on March 11th, 2009. Gerard Butler is the voice of the Captain in the movie, and the DVD will also include a documentary on the Watchmen character’s backstories. While I would have loved to see this live-action, I’m still happy that it exists at all. There’s even a rumor that the DVD release of Watchmen will have this cut into it. Cooool!