Watchmen’s “Black Freighter” Coming to DVD


I’m a fan of Zach Snyder, so until he screws up royally I’m going to see his movies. So couple him with the Watchmen and I’m super-excited. I can’t wait to see the filmed version of this unfilmable epic. I have faith, and even more so now that it’s reported that Warner Bros. will release Tales of the Black Freighter, the pirated-themed comic inside the original Watchmen comic (whoa, so meta), on DVD a couple days after Watchmen is released. March has never looked so good.

Tales of the Black Freighter

The DVD, Tales of the Black Freighter, and will be a direct-to-video anime, streeting on March 11th, 2009. Gerard Butler is the voice of the Captain in the movie, and the DVD will also include a documentary on the Watchmen character’s backstories. While I would have loved to see this live-action, I’m still happy that it exists at all. There’s even a rumor that the DVD release of Watchmen will have this cut into it. Cooool!

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  1. rockthefaces says:

    If you think that’s cool, dig this:


  2. Eros Welker says:

    Oh my, that’s priceless!!  I’m unsure whether or not I want to read Watchmen again before the movie.  I don’t care if he strays from the source material, but I also want it fresh in my head a little. Oh what to do, what to do!!

  3. Frank Brown says:

    I remember reading the Watchmen for the first time when I was young…quite an experience for a young adult.  I saw the movie last night and was surprisingly impressed.  My copy of the Watchmen didn’t come with the “Black Freighter”, so I’m think I’m going to check this DVD out. 

    Frank B.

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