The New Way to Roll


AICN story on the next edition of D&D, apparently with optional online component to let the computer do the calculating. What a novel idea.

For better or worse, sounds like you’re gonna have to unlearn what you have learned, padawans.


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  1. Junktape says:

    Wow this is great.  Yeah, I’ve read a lot of the STAR WARS RPG which is also in their fourth version (same designers) and it is a MUCH more intuitive and streamlined version of the previous incarnations. 

    Been hearing great things about Version 4.  I’m glad we’re learning 3.5 because as we stray into other games, it’s all “downhill from here,” so to speak.  I imagine we will continue to play with 3.5 for some time still, since we’ve only just grasped it and a change to a new system (albeit an easier one) might buck us off the rails.

    We’re just starting to really enjoy ourselves.  But sure, I’m sure some of us (you know who you are) will likely pick up the new books in the weeks to come and peruse them in our spare time.

    Eventually we might make the jump, or perhaps if we play a star wars campaign it will be a good place to start from.  Certainly I will want to check out (and learn from) the online component.

    Best way to learn?  Play.  And with a computer simulation doing the training (and the math) that is music to this bard’s ears.

    Very cool.