Love is a Cloverfield


UPDATE: Hear the Cloverfield end credits audio message, played forward and in reverse.

1/18/08 – 2:00am – Cloverfield is awesome. Monsters are awesome.

7/5/07 – 6:06pm – what is this teaser? Rob’s party? Screaming?!! The head of the statue of liberty?!!

1/18/08 – 2:04am – NYC doesn’t look or feel the same. I loved this movie.

10/11/07 – 3:44pm – I won’t watch new trailers, I’m going dark on this new movie.

1/18/08 – 2:17am – My name is Eric Eckstein and I must tell fellow EGees to see Cloverfield immediately.


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  1. Cybergosh says:

    I will write a quick BV later.  Bottom line = Worst characters ever make for non-caring all around in what may be the most monstrous case of missed oppurtunity of all time.  I’m very sad this morning.

  2. cybergosh says:

    i do wanna add that i DID get mega-chills last night.  one of the all-time great teasers is attached.  GO asap just for that experience on the big screen with a crowd.  it’ll feel like the old days…

  3. Burnt says:

    Eros, GREAT review!  Ingenious.  I couldn’t agree more.  I think this film is an ass-kicking, crowd-pleasing romp!  It redefines cinema as we know it!  Cybergosh, I really am sorry you didn’t enjoy it more.  I was really hoping!  I think this is the kind of film that is a HAPPENING and not character based.  We are simply watching an AMAZING event occur through some random people.  I didn’t care for them either, BUT I wanted to see what the F was going on at every moment through THEIR experience.  This is NOT a character piece at all, but an amazing conceit.  To ALL, let yourself GO and when you get there, LET YOURSELF GO : )

  4. MAO says:

    If I don’t care if the characters live or die then there had better be some awesome monsters to pay attention to, or a series of events that have “oh sh*t!” moments that you haven’t seen in every other horror film.  This had neither for me.  The main creature was kind of a yawn, it never fulfilled the early potential of knocking off Liberty’s head (unless you count Manhattan triumphantly finally being able to succeed from the other boroughs, take that 718, I Am Legend and Cloverfield know Manhattan is where its AT!) The little creatures reminded me of the things in Pitch Black, and it made me wish that this movie had some of that originality.  Backwards messages at the end of the credits don’t cut it, but damn if you wanted to do stuff like that why not have at least an inkling of a mythology, SOMETHING to actually think about when its over other then ‘’wow it was big and stepped on stuff.” Maybe JJ nerds will dig and find all sorts of hidden messages besides the credits thing, but if I didn’t care enough to look that’s a problem for me.

    It didn’t help that I started to feel nauseous halfway through from the camera work.  Pretending I was watching A Very Special Episode of The Hills circa 9/11 helped.