The Hitcher – original

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I know I’m probably the only one, but I’m very excited about “The Hitcher” remake. It will probably disappoint, but this is the first opening day matinee that I’m getting myself to… in quite awhile. I implore you check out the original if you haven’t seen it for while or if for some reason you’ve never seen it at all.

There still is NOT an American DVD worth watching of this film. However, there is a German 2-disc set that is amazing. Beautiful transfer, loads of extras. I rented it recently…. and I remember liking the film back in the day but this time around… I was really impressed.

I actually consider this film more of an action flic than a horror flic. Looks beautiful – 2:35. And this is of course before CGI action. Has that “Road Warrior” realism in which you can tell the stunt men are risking their lives for the shot. When the helicopter falls from the sky – HOLY SHIT!! How the eff did they do that? It’s a real helicopter!!! Hits the ground, bursts in to flames and is then hit by an on-coming cop car. WOW.

It’s too bad Robert Harmon didn’t direct anything else noteworthy. Anyway I’ll review the remake as soon as I see it….in the meantime..please take my recommendation and see the original again.