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Just checkin’ in really quick with some mini ‘views n ‘bits…

Just a quick check-in:

Stardust = Half star and half dust. I love what this movie is trying to be too much not to ultimately surrender to it and say i like it. But still, whether it be the Danes or the Story, something was off. DiNiro’s oddest (and best) performance in a while.

Rocket Science = I was with it for the first half as i’m a sucker for quirky, offbeat characters like the ones in this film. But it goes sour and you’re just left with that unmistakable sundance pretentiousness.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters = Classic movie about classic gaming. One of the best films of the year. I will own this on DVD. I understand New Line has tapped this filmmaker to adapt it to a narrative. As i was watching it i thought that it had Will Farrell and Jon Heder written all over it.

The Invasion = Not terrible. Still, have to rate this third behind the awesome 1978 version and the slick Abel Ferrara 90’s take. I love how the parts with Wachowski make-overs are so easy to spot. Everything goes green and we are suddenly back in the Matrix! Still, my head hurt at the end from the gay message that was beaten into it. For the first time with this story, you kind of feel that maybe the aliens had a point.

Superbad = You really can’t not like this movie. Sure, it’s funny. And it’s awesome to see a comedy like this that doesn’t feel like the characters are speaking dialogue. It all feels real. And Jo La Truglio was the best – glad to see him get a non State related project to be funny in. Yet there are lots of moments where it became tedious to me. It falls in love with its own characters too much and, by the last half hour, you’re kinda sick of them. At least i was. And the use of idot-factor flashback really rubbed me the wrong way. Worst of all – it is simply inexcusable to have a film like this and not have one shot of nudity. Inexcusable. Even American Pie had a shot of nudity – and they’re going around talking about how this makes that look tame. Maybe dialogue-wise it does, but, whatever. I enjoyed it, it had great moments of LOL, but i’d never watch it again. Give me Can’t Hardly Wait 100 times before i watch this again. That is still the ultimate teen party film of the last decade as far as i’m concerned. THAT film was funny And had HEART.

And also, i haven’t been on EG a lot lately, but have we discussed this (which i don’t like because they’re doing it all wrong):


or, more importantly, THIS (which i like):

Tom Cruise to cameo in new ‘Star Trek’ movie?

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Rumors are flying (IGN seems to have been the first to report it) that none other than Tom Cruise will appear in J.J. Abrams’ prequel Star Trek movie coming Christmas 2008. According to the talk, Cruise will appear as Captain Pike, the predecessor to Captain Kirk (William Shatner) on the original TV show.

Actor Jeffrey Hunter played Pike in the unaired television pilot for the show. According to IGN, the Star Trek back story has Mr. Spock serving with Pike for a decade prior to the appearance of Kirk. In reality, NBC simply went in a different direction with the show and hired Shatner after the making the pilot.

The cameo would be a tip-of-the-hat to Abrams who directed Mission: Impossible III for Cruise. It most definitely won’t be a favor for Paramount, the studio releasing Star Trek. Viacom (Paramount’s parent) honcho Sumner Redstone publicly fired Cruise a year ago due to his wild antics and controversial views showcased in the media.

In official Star Trek casting news, Russian-born actor Anton Yelchin will play the Russian-born character Pavel Chekhov. Yelchin is perhaps best known for his recent role in Alpha Dog.

It was previously announced that Zachary Quinto and original cast member Leonard Nimoy would both portray the Vulcan Mr. Spock in the forthcoming film.

Finally, I realize I may be really late to this, i know this is old – but i love this song!


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  1. Fat Ass says:

    Of the films you mentioned, I’ve only seen Superbad and a Fisful of Quarters, and I couldn’t agree with you more about both of them. Fistful is far and away my favorite movie of the year.

    Problem with Superbad for me was the cops. Too much of them, and they were so cartoony that they undermined the whole narrative and made you forget the sweet romance of it all. Too, too much of them.

    Saw Clash of the Titans on the big screen tonight. That was a blast!

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Clash Owns!

    Oh, and yes about the Cops.

    And oh, the more i think about The Invasion the more i dislike it.

    I need to get the new dvd of the 1978 version.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    As much as I loved Superbad, I agree with ya, Hugh.  The cops were a little too over-the-top.  It’s interesting, to me, I found Knocked Up to be the better movie, but not as many LOL moments as Superbad.  Either way, you can’t deny this two-punch we saw this summer.  Expect a flood of super bad knock-offs to come soon.

  4. mdhuff says:

    I’m listening to Choc. Rain as I write this.  That song is evil.  Anyway, you’re all right about SUPERBAD.  The cops sucked, everyting else was good.  And Berg, INVASION sucks, no way around that.  Sucky suck.  Unreal bad ending.

  5. Cybergosh says:

    NO, i know – i did call it GAY.  I just didn’t hate it.  But yeah i know.  Too bad.  Should not have been gay.