NYAFF 2007 Round 2


No spoilers…you guys must read this cause I HIGHLY recommend one of these:


Miracle on 1st Street


YUN Je-gyun (Sex is Zero), which I will review soon, directed this
very Frank Capra-esque 2007 box-office hit.

Basic plot – Gangster/business guy is given a mission to force the
remaining residents out of the 1st street, a run-down area of the
town. But he finds himself drawn to the life on the 1st street and its residents.

Now, for the most part this film is totally enjoyable. Moves fast.
Very funny and heartfelt. Strange pacing… as if they just started
condensing the 3rd act because they were running out of time. So what
could have been an incredible film… becomes only good because of
pacing, plot holes and weird choices by the screenwriter.

BUT… that being said, this is still a MUST SEE because of the
performances of the child actors!!!!! These kids are so damn
good…I haven’t seen stuff like this since Lukas Moodyson’s
“Together” and before that…. “A Christmas Story”? Seriously, I
believe these kids 100%.


What’s so different about most foreign films, even the mainstream
ones, from Hollywood is how foreign filmmakers don’t pull punches. This may be a family feel good film yet it still covers suicide, violence,
poverty and even self-immolation for christ’s sake.

trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1gWyx7EGhGc
Traces of Love

You know… I really don’t have time for films like this. It’s an
incredibly sappy melodrama that if it wasn’t for good twist would be a
complete waste of time. Hollywood could easily remake this with Drew
Barrymore and it would be a box-office smash.


I could see how this film could be the perfect date film though…
probably has the same effect as a roofie.

trailer : http://youtube.com/watch?v=NY7g9j8L9lo
Death Note 2 :The Last Name

Guys, this film rocks. FUN FUN FUN FUN. I think it’s actually one of the best films of the year…. so nobody can tell me I don’t appreciate mainstream
films…cause this one is about as mainstream as they come… overseas
of course.

This is a rare case of the sequel surpassing the original. The plot
is more intricate, the characters further developed, the action pumped
up, and a great pay-off. Also, while the first film seems to be
targeted toward young female teeny-boppers, this one gives a little to
the male audience with the presence of Erika Toda. She’s just adoooorable. Very good actor as well.


And the character of “L”, played by Ken’ichi Matsuyama is one of the best heroes in recent cinema history. They’re giving him his own film, entitled “L”, in 2008.


Guys, these films must be seen… Junktape, already sent you a
copy… anybody else interested?

trailer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8JCyy_yCpAU

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