Bi-Coastal Indy Action!


With some backround in-jokes and the exact year it takes place!…

July 5, 2007.

While Junktape was exploring the City of Gods…


There was another Indy adventure happening at the exact same time…

My trip up to New Haven began with the usual sort of BergCatastrophe
that precedes adventures of this sort when the key to my rental car
decided to leap out of my hand and into this sewer…

Luckily, after a few hours and thanks to the awesome service of Enterprise,
i was on my way up to Connecticut in a replacement IndyMobile with trusty minion “MAO.”

We arrived around fourish with no sight of any Indy Action…

…although it seemed that Slimer had something to mail.

Ah ha! Cables! Let me follow ’em…

Hmmm….1950’s cars!!! Getting close…

This one looks like it’s seen some action…

Drats!! Interior shoot going on inside one of the Yale buildings.

But after lurking past Janusz Kaminski’s lights…

…the 1950’s town was revealed!

After pretending i was in the 50’s for a bit…

…i strolled further to spot these interesting books in one of the windows…

…as well as this barber shop with a familiar name…

…which led me to…

…the set…

No Ford. No Spielly. But still fun to watch the 50’s extras…

Is Yale doubling as a fictitious University in a town called “Bedford”
where Indy is teaching at in the beginning of this film?

While that may still be unknown, what seems certain
is that this film is in sync with our reality,
taking place nineteen years after the events of Last Crusade!!…

After a few hours of feeling a bit disappointed that
i wasn’t there a few days earlier when this was shot…

…it looked as though i had seen all that i would see
of the world of the next Indiana Jones adventure…

The 50’s extras were wrapped…

1957 began to fade away…

…and transform back into 2007…

It was then when those car keys falling into that sewer
by the Lords of Karma suddenly all made sense…

…to allign my fate with His!

Now if only i thought to ask him if i should keep my iPhone or not…


then my day would have been perfect.

Still, despite my post-transformers increased hatred of the Labeouf,
this day made me completely frustrated with the fact that
ten months stand in the way of us and Indy!!!

I cannot believe this is happening.

Indy is back!!!

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  1. Junktape says:

    I dont know what to say – this is so great.  After Transformers I might just be excited for Indy IV.  Not that I needed transforming into a Shia fan.  I liked him since shaker heights.  Never saw Holes.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I loved Shia in the making of Shaker Heights!

    This is the greatest report ever.  I wish Berg could have a camera implanted into his skull. More more more!

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Maybe i will give Shaker a try…i want nothing more than to find Shia appealing.  I really do.  But all i have to base my feelings on are Constaintine, i Robot, Angels 2 and the Tranny’s.

    He’s always just… so…in the way.

  4. junky says:

    No, dont see shaker heights, its awful.  But he’s great.  As Eric put it, and what I guess I MEANT to say was, I enjoyed him in the MAKING OF Shaker Heights.  He’s a good kid, not at all a jerk, very earnest very strong actor.  And clearly about to be the biggest star of the decade.

  5. MAO says:

    Imagine who you might’ve met if you dropped your iPhone down the drain….

  6. Cybergosh says:

    Ha.  Maybe i would have met Shia..i am strangely intrigued by that pompadour.

  7. George says:

    I know we didn’t get a chance to speak much, Christopher, but I believe that you should always follow your gut, and if your gut told you to stand on line last week and get the iPhone then I believe you should keep the iPhone and enjoy it.  Then again, I notice your once bountiful gut has shrunk ever so slightly.  So I find myself just as confused as you, young man.  These are confusing times, indeed…

    Swell cap, by the way.

  8. H.F. says:

    Chris, George told me of your dilemma, and I must say, I-phones are for iconic movie stars like me, not for plebeian fan boys like yourself.  I’M going to be using my I-phone to broker huge movie deals while I’m on international location, YOU’RE going to be using your I-phone to be checking boxofficmojo while you wait on line at the Disney store.  And as for checking your myspace page, surely that can wait till you get home, there’s no need to be tapping away stylus free while you loiter around film sets.

    Now I’m off to meet Shia.  He’s going to teach me how to use the goddamn thing.

  9. Cybergosh says:

    Today, it seems they shot some train station shots at Essex Station in CT mocked up as “Bedford Station”…

    According to the Indiana Jones Adventure MySpace page, there is a real station by that name in the town of Bedford in Bedfordshire, England.

    The Essex Steam Train is one of the most famous and popular Essex attractions.

    Check out http://www.myspace.com/indianajonesadventure for more Indy IV shooting news!

  10. Cybergosh says:

    Some good tidbits from Frank Marshall:

    Marshall said the state’s 30 percent business tax credit had a lot to do with locating the film’s chase scene in New Haven, but there were other factors.

    “Yale really fit into the requirements we had for the story … and Steven was very familiar with the area,” Marshall said.

    The juxtaposition of Chapel Street and Old Campus helped, too. “We can run cars here and look up and down the streets and it’s period and that’s fantastic,” he said.

    Marshall and Spielberg wanted to shoot the fourth “Indiana Jones” movie in the same style as the first three.

    “Steven is very aware of the process and we’re not cheating with CG (computer graphics) at all,” Marshall said. “It keeps the B movie feel.”

    New Haven has other advantages locals may not realize, such as the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale being a short walk from the set, which is not the norm.

    Marshall said the privacy surrounding the set is “pretty typical.” People shooting pictures may not realize that they’re capturing a significant plot point. “It’s more wanting not to spoil the fun of the movie and surprises in the movie or the look of a person,” he said.

    But he said he regretted the occasional rough handling of curious onlookers. “I would apologize to anybody who is treated rudely … because that’s not how it should be done.”

  11. Fat Ass says:

    Why do you wanna ditch the iPhone?

  12. Fat Ass says:

    And phucking awesome day!

  13. Steven says:

    I think what Cybergosh has the biggest problem with is the keyboard.  I believe his storyboards show him visiting the Apple store a few more times throughout the next week to see if he can’t get used to some of its shortcomings.  Storyboards are very important, as you know, as well as following your budget.  And Cybergosh’s budget ain’t much. 

    Your pal,


  14. Saviorite says:

    Holy crap. 

    First off, good call in putting the wen address on the pics in case someone re-posts them.

    Unbelievable reporting.  I’m so psyched for this.

  15. Cybergosh says:



    Welcome to EG!!!

  16. Fat Ass says:

    So in my neverending fascination with all things Berg, I have a million questions about this. I’m open to answers from the man himself or any of the apparent Indiana Jones godfathers who are now frequenting our site:

    How’d you know about this?

    How long a drive?

    How’d you get on the set? Security?

    Double the last question for getting near George Lucas…

    How’d that feel? Is that your first time meeting him?

    Whatever happened to the keys?

    Are you going to return your iPhone?

    What did you steal from the set?  What insane thing did you consider stealing and then change your mind?

  17. Cybergosh says:

    What’s the best is how much you know me considering how few adventures we’ve shared!

    I love it!

    Fats: What did you steal from the set?  What insane thing did you consider stealing and then change your mind?

    Berg: I wanted to take some sides, of course…and old-me would have went for it – but new-me knows about things like Karma and such, so i didn’t want to do anything i could get in trouble for.  Everyone on the set was so nice, it wouldn’t have felt right to do.  If they were dicks i would have had less of a prob.  But they were nice.  So i was nice.  I wanna be nice from now on. 

    Fats: How’d you know about this?

    Berg: It’s been on a lot of sites.  http://movies.ign.com/objects/033/033714.html has been doing a good job covering some of it.

    Fats: How long a drive?

    Berg: About 2 hours north.  New Haven is a really nice looking town.  I could see why Spielberg wanted to shoot there.  Has a 50’s vibe to begin with.

    Fats: How’d you get on the set? Security?

    Berg: Not really!  The crew was really laid back.  Aside from the usual few sorts who were just waiting to give someone a bit of the old power trip, it was very easy to get up close and investigate.  They did tell me not to take pics though, so i had to shoot on the downlow..hence some of the low angles.

    Fats: Double the last question for getting near George Lucas… How’d that feel? Is that your first time meeting him?

    Berg:  Yes!!!  He was just strolling slowly down a back street after they wrapped with his assistant.  I actually let him pass me by, as they were engaged in what looked like a somewhat stressful conversation.  But, being very aware of the countless hours of intense mental anguish that would have awaited if i let this slip by, i had no choice but to politely interrupt.  In all honesty, i think he was a bit scared of me when he saw my Empire cap.  And although he was a man of few – actually, almost no words, he was nice enough to stop and take a pic.  And his assisistant-type-lady was equally as nice to stop and take it for me.  I wished him well with the shoot.  He nodded silently.  It was all very surreal.  I’m just glad i got that pic – because it doesn’t feel real.

    Fats: Whatever happened to the keys?

    Berg: I think they’re still at the bottom of that sewer!  (or “In the belly of that steal beast” as Sallah would say)… Enterprise just swapped me out into a new car and that was the last i saw of that other car!  No charge!  They were great and i should really write a thank you letter.  Service like that is rare these days.  They gave me 1957 service before my 50’s day even began!

    Fats: Are you going to return your iPhone?

    Berg: Oh i don’t know, man.  I don’t know.  I’ve been waiting for YOU…for JUNK…for MD HUFF…to go to the Grove Apple Store and play with it.  Everytime i decide to return it – someone says something to make me keep deliberating.  It’s just that – shit – the AT&T switchover has me down..and the 60 a month for 450 minutes..basically id keep my verizon phone, go down to a 450 a month plan on that..so essentially i;d have 450 minutes on both phones..which is the same as i have now (900 on verizon)…now the thing is, i would be paying 60 for the iphone to at&t and 40 to verizon..100 a month before taxes and fees..and you start to feel my pain…but..i mean, i’m paying 20 a month right now to keep this old number i had since 1991…which is what i would be porting over to the iphone..so that cuts it down to 20 less i’d be spending right there..there’s a lot of math involved..and while i definitely love the thing i’m not sure i could ever get used to typing on it…i think i prefer a stylus…but it wont work with one..so yeah…those are my random thoughts…i have a week left (apple gives you 2 weeks to return it….10% restocking fee if opened…which is why i keep going back to the store to play with it rather than opening the one i got….)


  18. Mrs. Saviorite says:

    So I see the force was with you…

  19. Cybergosh says:

    I believe it was The Force that blew those keys out of my hands!  An example of what may seem like a bad thing actually being good!

  20. Fat Ass says:

    Sounds awesome. Lucas is very definitely a man of few words– he’s really shy, and always quiet. The only thing I’ve ever seen him really get talking about is special effects technology. He didn’t know who you were, so he probably clammed up, but it’s great that it went so well.

    I have played with the iPhone quite a bit. Two of my friends have them– I spent all night playing with Mila’s. It’s a great gadget, but the phone situation is a bit of a mess. I couldn’t handle the ringtones and not being able to assign an MP3 to a contact. But they’re going to fix that.

    The only reason I didn’t get one right away is that I’m under contract to Verizon through April. Plus, apparently AT&T doesn’t really work in my apt building and I don’t use my landline. I have no choice. I already have an iPod, and I even was given a free Zune, so I have no excuse to buy the phone.

    I tried typing on the keyboard and I did get used to it pretty quickly. I have a small keyboard on my phone that I use CONSTANTLY (I have the same phone as Junky’s) and I think I could be just as fast on the iPhone. My guess is that you could too, it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

    I’m not sure you’re looking for advice, but, if you are, I’d say either drop your Verizon phone and go for AT&T and the iPhone or return the iPhone. Having two is a novelty that will wear off quickly and just become aggravating. Why are you reluctant to drop Verizon?

    I hope karma returns the favor for not stealing anything Indy! smile

  21. cybergosh says:

    thanks for your input…

    let me tell ya –

    Verizon’s nerve in their data plan pricing makes me wanna jump ship even more.

    Check this out:

    Right now:

    900 minutes with verizon 60/month

    +keeping my old nyu landline number in limbo 20/month

    proposed scenario (if i keep iphone):

    450 min with verizon 40/month

    450 min with at&t (iphone) 60/month

    get rid of 20/month limbo line (port to iphone)

    now, even though that 100 is 20 more a month then im spending now – i have another phone, the same minutes, AND unlimited internet on the iphone

    so heres where things begin to lean toward going that way

    say i DONT keep the iphone

    but say i want to still not pay 20 a month for my usueless limbo line (keep in mind, this is 20 a month just to keep the number in limbo – it’s not even an active line..no voicemail or anything – its just to hold on to if i have a line in manhattan ever again)

    so say i just wanna port it to some sort of motorola q device (or the 6700 like u and junktape have)

    verizon 2 lines + data and 900 min would run me around 115 a month!  fuck the hell out of that! 

    so thats where im at at the moment

    of course, i could just return the iphone and stay on the 80 a month budget i have been doing the last year with just my cell + the waste of money limbo line

    and no – i could never let go of that awesome old number…i need it to live again!

    so yeah

    things just keep getting more confusing by the day

  22. Fat Ass says:

    Yeah, you lost me there. But I’m sure it makes sense to you. I recommend finding a way to keep only one phone– the novelty of carrying two will no doubt quickly wear off. smile

  23. Junktape says:


    (The sound of my brain farting out mood juice and red-hot pain at the thought of another dense, rambling comment about the iphone.  This is worse than the never-ending internal conflict about whether or not to keep the Celebration III jacket.

    Here’s a tip – if you impulsively spend more than you have on something you don’t need and aren’t even excited enough to tear open the box for a week without obsessively quadruple-guessing about whether or not you really want it in the first place…

    …you don’t.

    (And I say this with nothing but pure love in my heart of course.)


  24. cybergosh says:

    No, you’re 100% wrong – i do want it – more than anything else i can think of in the world right now – but i had to see if the shortcomings could prevail over the coolness.  And i just chose to do it in the store rather than face the $50 restocking fee if i opened mine.  And it was a good choice – tonight i made a test call and compared it to my current phone…the low ear volume of the earpiece, even on full volume is the clincher.  Hopefully future versions will work out these personal badsies of mine.  It’s just not all i need it to be right now.  But for many, it is all they could ever want.  I wish i was one of them 🙁

  25. Junktape says:



  26. Fat Ass says:

    I can think of things you want more than the iPhone, and I’m not even you.

    Although our brains operate on eerily similar wavelengths.

    Sounds like you already made the right choice, but I say return it. Not only will fixes come, but the price will also drop. If you lived a week, you can live six months until it’s perfect.

    I’m not getting it until April. And it’s sooooo out of my character to be able to wait. I’m just focusing on gooder things (I said it) and knowing that it’s in my future when the time is right.

    You can too! Weee!

  27. cybergosh says:

    OK, on the eve of my returning the iPhone, a major new discovery has happened…

    There is a legal loophole..a way to have an iPhone and not commit to the 2 year contract that apple and at&t want you to.

    Previously, it was thought that you were not allowed to do AT&T’s pay as you go plans with iPhone…but, apparently, people out there have been doing it.  The catch – you have to have bad credit – but even if you have good credit there’s a way around that.

    Now, this makes the least expensive way to have an iphone $50 (down from 70 bucks a month)..

    this 50 will give you 200 min a month (with rollover min) and unlimited internet…

    So, even though this is great because

    a) it makes the iPhone less expensive per month


    b) frees you from a 2 yr commitment in case you ask yourself what the hell you got it for in a month from now


    its still 50 a month

    for me, thats still 50 more than i have right now

    so i STILL most likely going to return it tomorrow.

    but i just wanted to report this important news….


  28. iPhone says:

    are you afraid if you do keep me I’ll never ring because all your friends and your minion are fed up with hearing about me and they don’t want to talk to you anymore?

    also I think as groundbreaking as I am I deserved my own story, why am I an addendum to your damn indiana jones adventure?  I wasn’t going to say anything at first, but 27 comments later, damn.  no one even remembers this was originally about Indy.  Just get rid of me already.  I don’t want to be your friend.

  29. Fat Ass says:

    Have you seen on the net that you can “unlock” these things? Which means use them for everything *but* a phone without getting a monthly service? That means iPod and Internet I guess. Why not just do that?

  30. cybergosh says:

    Please show me!

    In all my research i have never come across a way to enable using the internet without at least being involved with at&t in some capacity – which was the $50 a month i just mentioned for the pay as you go (30) + unlimited data plan (20)

    If you found a link to what you said – send it – for today is the day iReturn…

  31. cybergosh says:

    is this along the lines of what you were talking about…


    very interesting….

  32. fed up junky says:



  33. cybergosh says:

    All right – fine fine fine.  But just because i returned it today, on the last day they’d let me…just know that this is not over yet!  The pain i felt inside is eating away at me by the minute…and with all the recent hacks descovered in the last 24 hours…how long until i buy it again and take another two weeks to decide?…we shall see…