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  1. Cybergosh says:

    They got me again!  Despite my mixed-ness about the first and my bored-ness about the second, i cannot wait!!!!!  I have a feeling this will be the one!!  I love how it looks like Davey Jones gets more to do this time.  I love that Sparrow/Jones sword fight!!!

  2. cybergosh says:

    Seems George was a little disapointed in Joey’s lack of vision in the costume department in last weeks Dancing With The Stars routine.

    “Turns out the Jedi master himself, director George Lucas, saw the duo’s routine when he tuned in to Monday’s show. So, what was his verdict? “I like (Fatone’s) pick in costumes, at least his partner’s pick,” Lucas told PEOPLE at a press event in Long Beach, Calif., for the upcoming 2007 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. “But he cheated. He took his robe off and had a suit underneath. I mean, c’mon, he should have had a little Jedi outfit on.”