Dead Silence.
Under no circumstances should anyone see this mess. Never has there been a film with as much potential to drop the ball so hard. I really thought i was going to have fun with this from the trailer. Not because i loved the Saw films. I hated the Saw films. I just really love any horror film that revolves around dolls. I’ll take Seed of Chucky any day over this. This is inexcusably horrible filming for the lowest common denominator. Picture someone you really hate. Someone really annoying. Someone you know that, whatever they do, it’s just wrong. This is the film version of them. Remember when you saw an issue of Playboy on the stands that had an actress on the cover that you always thought was hot. And there she is, on the cover of Playboy..remember how exciting that was? That feeling that you were gonna grab that issue and put it inside another mag and get to see your favorite hot actress naked…only to find out she wasn’t naked at all in it – but just the subject of a 20 questions or something like that? That is what this movie is. Or, quite simply, this movie is an ass hole. A fuckin’ ass hole. I will never see another film from these Saw fucks again. Fuck them for ruining what could have been something really fun!

Not bad. Kept me guessing the whole way. I liked this. I just wouldn’t really ever watch it or think about it again for the rest of my life. But i’m glad i saw it. Then again, after Dead Silence, seeing the age-defying Bullock cutting her nails for two hours would have been a great film. Did i say Fuck Dead Silence already? Fuck it again.

Here is a Grindhouse BergBit to make me happy.

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  1. bake snaker says:

    I knew it would suck… the most annoying trailer ever….didn’t Charles Band already make this film.  the only reason the Saw films did well is because there were a lack of horror films at the time of the first film’s release… it made millions and then people believed the hype and thought the sequels would be good because the first made so much money.  They suck and I hope the directors continue their downward spiral.

    As for Bullock, I see her as a being of another species… I’m more attracted to well groomed dogs.  She is sexless to me.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Just to clarify, i wasn;t saying that i thought The Bullock was hot…i was just pointing out that she is sort of ageless.  She looks kind of the same as she did 15 years ago.  Except maybe for her new soccer mom-ish rump.

    A lot of reviews are comparing this to her last film, The Lake House.  But – – The Lake House was REALLY good.  Seriously.  Really good.

  3. Eros Welker says:

    I’m hear to defend the SAW films.  They’re wonderful; the first one is excellent, the second one is great and third one is pretty good.  Don’t be haters!