Znakez Teaser

Enjoy this teaser to Znakez, the sequel to Serpenti… and look Wednesday when the full film will be posted.

This teaser was shot in about an hour, taking random shots around Stuyvesant Town. Some within the oval, some within the back areas behind the buildings. The electric light lamp shot was shot in a dark bathroom, came out first try too which was kinda cool. The teaser aired before any principal photography began with the sequel to Serpenti, and in fact, if anything got my ass in gear to make it. The sound effects, while annoying, were all organized and fashioned out of public domain FX. I wish I had a version that didn’t crap out the volume levels, I’ll have to dig for the original or re-do the audio for that.

3 Responses

  1. Junktape says:

    Love this – clearly a homage to the original Alien teaser – awesome shots and I love the electric light lamp – it looks like the twisting x-ray of an electrocuted znake!

  2. BurntLeader says:

    Whoa!  good job!  Now is this the 2nd in the triolgy?  Or the third?

  3. rockthefaces says:

    Watching this makes me want to put on a hospital gown and run around the city in bare feet and a head bandage.