Tek Jansen Animated Series Debut!


So you know how bullish I am about Stephen Colbert. The Colbert Report is one of my favorite new shows, but not just because of its hard-hitting political edge, but because you never know when there may be a mention of Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne – A Tek Jansen Adventure. Tek, of course, should not be confused with Ed Jansen, but instead is the yet-to-be published 1800 page novel Colbert has written.

Well, now there are two great announcements in the Tekworld.


1. Oni Press will be create a series of comics on the Lady Nocturne masterpiece.

2. The first episode of the NEW Tek Jansen adventures, a new animated series, aired on the Colbert Report and it… was… AWESOME. You can watch it now for free at Comedy Central. Hurry and watch episode one of Operation: Heart of the Phoenix – Dead or Alive: A Tek Jansen Adventure!


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