Imprint – Masters of Horror Review

This is the Masters of Horror installment that Showtime refused to show. I was very skeptical…thinking that it couldn’t be that hardcore…but it is. I totally understand why they deemed it too harsh for American television. On screen abortion, loads of gore, and a very very disturbing torture scene.

The cinematography is uneven..sometimes over lit and too bland…sometimes gorgeous, with bright colors and moody lighting.

Biggest problem…THIS SHOULD BE IN JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES!!! Having the Japanese speak English plays false and hurts the acting because it is obvious that the Japanese actors are speaking English phonetically.

Billy Drago is an actor that I wish has had a more prestigious career because he is so individualistic and fascinating to watch on screen. Michie It� is gorgeous and I hope she lands more higher profile roles. As far as a Takashi Miike film goes…well…he makes so many effing movies that it is always hit or miss with him. Slow down Takashi. Take your time. Make only one film a year instead of three….and then you’ll be hitting home runs every time.

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