Cybergosh Hightails It To Utah!

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With no money and surrounded by all sorts of drama, it seemed to make perfect sense for me to drop everything and head to Sundance. I couldn’t very well let Crispin’s It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE go on without me, now could I?! The following shall be updated once what’s about to happen in the next few days happens…


Two weeks ago I spontaneously decided that i needed to go to Sundance after hearing about the premiere of It is Fine! Everything Is Fine!, the second installment in the IT trilogy…(not to mention some other films making their debut this past week in Park City…)

The two sure things:

The Ultimate Wish List Attempts:

Just WHAT IS happening here?!?!?

Cybergosh finds out what IT is…next week!!

Until then, you can download the PRESS KIT here!