Wookiee to Marry Princess


An EG exclusive – just when we were getting used to the idea of Phil Altiere having a baby, EG subscribers are now faced with the reality that Dan Milano is getting married. He proposed to Princess Christa Organa Starr just last night – and here’s the rock: (No, not Dwayne Johnson – he’s on display at Eric’s house)


No elvish transcriptions, though we haven’t heated it in a fire yet, so you never know. But even if the ring wasn’t forged in Mount Doom, at least it still resides on the finger of Dan’s “precious.”

7 Responses

  1. Lonestar says:

    As a young boy raised by moisture farmers, I knew one day a sister from far far away would get married. I am just hoping that I get to wear ROTJ instead of a New Hope to the wedding. Although incubator underpants and an airhose from EST would sure get some looks!

  2. Eros Welker says:

    Like I told you, you have to get married at the LA Convention Center for Star Wars Celebration… otherwise, there’s no point – you’d be living the lie! 

    Unless you can fly us all to Tunisia.

  3. junky says:

    We shall marry here in sunny CA, where stormtroopers, muppets and droids shall be part of our wedding party.

    And speaking of party, the reception will be a full-on costume party.  (costumes optional).  So ya better get that Colonial Marine Armor off the net, Eros!

    Rest assured, it will be a bash to remember…

  4. MDHuff says:

    CONGRATS you mutha monkey making massive monster mushtaker maniac!  You’re going to love being married.  It brings the Force, strong and true.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    I’m trying to convince Jessica to don Batman Returns-esque Catwoman duds to my Batman, but am failing… so a Colonial Marine I may be.  Just worried about bring a M41-A pulse rifle on the plane.

  6. Burnt Leader says:

    Congratulations!!  Awwww, Man. . .now I want to be married!!  Any takers??  Hey, Junk, next stop China??

  7. Eros Welker says:

    I’ll marry you in your NFL SuperBowl spot.