Kid Gets Beaten Up For Buying Gears Of War!!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Detroit, Michigan- A teen patron attempting to purchase a copy of Microsoft’s eagerly awaited, “Gears of War” was assaulted while waiting in line at a local Gamestop Video Game store. The 15 year-old was beaten by a 36 year-old waiting in line, also. Apparently, an argument ensued after the cashier claimed there were no more copies available. The 36 year-old named “Deion” started yelling and tried to cut in line in an attempt to purchase the last copy and a brawl started. The older customer sent a barrage of fists and harsh language at the younger patron. The police were then called. “Deion” was arrested for aggravated assault and is currently awaiting arraignment at a local correctional facility. The 15 year-old was taken to a local hospital for several wounds to the head and neck. The final copy of the game is being held as evidence.

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