Monster House!



Two weeks ago, it was 1978. Last night, it became the mid 80’s. Monster House is the best 80’s Amblin movie never made. I had high hopes for this movie. I had that feeling that i had way back in May 1985 when i first saw the novelization for a movie coming out called Back to the Future. I hadn’t heard about it until that then, but, seeing the book sitting there in Waldenbooks..i knew i had to get it. I felt that the movie would be something great. Not just because i knew Spiely was the Executive Producer. There was a vibe to it. And i didn’t know how right on my instincts were until two months later when it opened. Not to say Monster House is in the realm of BTTF…but i had that vibe from this and it was not wrong.

Forget how cool this movie looks. Forget how fun the voices are. Hell, forget the amazing 3D. What we are dealing with here is the kind of Spielberg / Zemekis film that has not been concocted since their 80’s heyday. It instantly earns a place beside that long list of all-time faves, with a good measure of vintage Joe Dante-ishness thrown in to boot.

Once again, i’m faced with having to wait almost two weeks to see this again when all i wanna do is run back and see it right now.

Do it right. See it in 3D. Get your cool glasses. And beware. That house is a monster…


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  1. cybergosh says:

    I need to see this again right now!!!!!