This past weekend, Rick McCallum gave Cybergosh some exclusive Star Wars BergBits!


As some of you know, I’ve been on a few adventures chasing Awe in various states this past month. From LA for some Disneyland catch-up to North Carolina for the Cars Premiere and then down to Orlando for two consecutive Star Wars Weekends, which is where I still am right now.


Anyway, although we all tend to think of Rick McCallum as Lucas’ little yes man and constant overhype machine, it cannot be denied that he truly loves his job and interacting with the fans. He enjoyed his Star Wars Weekend last month so much that he made an unscheduled return to the last 2006 SW Weekend, during which, I was able to learn the following:

– The Star Wars Live Action TV Series will not likely air until 2009.

– Boba Fett will likely play some sort of role in the show.

– Rick is not involved with Indy IV.

– He is not thrilled with Celebration IV taking place in LA and wishes, along with me, that it were in Orlando next to all the fun of Star Wars Weekends 2007! Maybe Celebration V…

– When put on the spot about Star Wars: Barons, Cybergosh’s short interview concluded with ten long seconds of awkward silence.

The OFFICIAL SITE has loads of awesome pics from Star Wars Weekends 2006!

More of my pics to come once I’m back on a high speed connection…


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