The Specials not so special


thespecials_1.jpg So for whatever reason, I decided to finally see The Specials
. I kinda knew what to expect: low budget, played for yuks, b-list talent… but I thought it would be a little more than what it was – just a bunch of folks with “super powers” talking at one another, dealing with issues and coming together as a group. I didn’t expect to see the team take on giant monkeys, but I was hoping that their powers would play a bigger role in the comedy.

And unfortunately, the comedy is scattershot. I’m not a huge Jamie Kennedy fan, but I liked his character, the Nightcrawler-esque AMOK, who is basically a horny little fuckwad. He had some funny lines, compared to U.S. Bill, who is basically a strong guy who’s dumb and runs around saying things like, “I like clouds.” Yawn… And there’s Power GIrl or something, who is this actress that you’ll instantly recognize. I think she was on IN LIVING COLOR, and she’s not bad, she’s just not very good or compelling so you want her to kind of wink out of existence.

Thomas Haden Church is our lead, as The Strobe, and actually, he was kinda interesting to watch – but he’s a little too deadpan for me… and I also think it looks like his face melting. Rob Lowe as Rob Lowe, I mean, The Weevil, was interesting but eh… it just felt half-baked all around, which is too bad because I dug the concept.


There are a few things I did like about the flick:

Jordan Ladd, who played Nightbird, was kinda cute.
Paget Brewster, who played Ms. Indestructible, was kinda cute (and nekkid from the back).
— I have a thing for Judy Greer ever since I saw her wild side in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

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Otherwise, this is a fairly forgettable film. Interesting to see DAWN OF THE DEAD director James Gunn and his brother associated with this. He should stick to horror, as both this and SLITHER kinda falter in the comic delivery.

WHAT YOU SHOULD SEE INSTEAD: Mammoth. Or at least, this review of Mammoth, which is brilliant. Be sure to watch the Tom Skeritt clip.


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6 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    You are nuts.  THE SPECIALS is one of my favorite movies ever.  And yes, Judy Grier as Danger Girl = ~hot~

  2. Junk of Tape says:

    Love Paget Brewseter.  She’s sexy, and very funny.  Loved her on Andy Richter Controls the Universe, which airs all the time on Hdnet for you HDTV punks.  She’s also the co-star of HUFF, which is a pretty damn good series once you learn to get past looking at Hank Azaria’s face (took me precisely four episodes.)

    I gotta say, I LOVE Thomas Hayden Church in “The Specials.”

    Saying he’s too deadpan is like saying Godzilla’s too big or Garret Morris is too black.  It’s what he is. 

    Gotta admit – I really loved this movie when it first came out, and I loved Gunn for putting it together.  Though yeah, it didn’t hold up as strongly because some of the humor is just too lowbrow.  BUT—it’s got great scenes, and most belong to Hayden.  This is still one I like having on my shelf.

    –can we not embed images into replies?  Mine does not appear during preview…

  3. Little Danny says:

    OH MY GOD.  I am going to Tivo MAMMOTH and it shall be the summer event of the spring.

  4. bakesnaker says:

    stick to horror?  Dawn blew moose cock.  He should stick to Troma.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    Blew moose cock? Are you crazy?  I love how you lump in something like the DOTD remake and RABID GRANNIES.