Silk: Spider Society Show Pulled from Amazon Prime Video


– Marvel’s Silk: Spider Society series, produced by Sony Pictures Television and led by Angela Kang, has been dropped by Amazon Prime Video and is now seeking a new platform for release.
– The decision to halt Silk: Spider Society comes as Amazon chooses to focus on the Nicolas Cage-led series Noir, despite Kang’s well-received pitch for Silk.

Silk: Spider Society Show Pulled from Amazon Prime Video

Marvel’s much-anticipated series, “Silk: Spider Society,” has found itself in a challenging position. The series, once poised to make a splash on Amazon Prime Video, is now navigating the waters of the streaming world in search of a new home. This development marks an unforeseen shift in the relationship between the streaming giant and the storied realm of superhero narratives.

The news of the series’ departure from Amazon was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. The show, a production stemming from a collaboration between Sony Pictures Television and the ingenious Angela Kang of “The Walking Dead” fame, faced unexpected changes in its trajectory. Kang, a prolific storyteller, was recruited with great enthusiasm to shepherd “Silk: Spider Society” into existence, but now the project’s fate hangs in the balance.

This announcement arrived in close proximity to another Marvel-related development: Nicholas Cage is set to don the trench coat of Spider-Man Noir for an Amazon Prime Video series. This project, titled “Noir,” is yet to receive a confirmed release date, but its advancement may be a harbinger of renewed focus on alternative Marvel properties.

Deadline provided insights into the decision-making process behind the scenes. Though Kang’s vision for “Silk: Spider Society” received accolades, strategic considerations regarding the allocation of resources for high-budget genre projects led to the decision to prioritize “Noir.” The financial undertakings required for superhero projects are substantial, and in such a competitive market, streaming services are often forced to make difficult choices.

Despite this setback, Kang’s creative journey with Amazon remains unimpeded. Having left AMC, she entered into a lucrative contract with Amazon, affirming her ongoing role in developing new content for the platform.

The creative minds behind “Silk: Spider Society” include not only Angela Kang but also the distinguished team of Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Amy Pascal as executive producers. The series received the green light in November 2022 and promised to add a vibrant thread to the Marvel universe.

Slated to follow the trials and triumphs of Cindy Moon—a Korean-American woman bitten by the same radioactive arachnid as Peter Parker—the show promised a story of empowerment and discovery. Cindy Moon’s journey from captivity to finding her family while embracing her identity as Silk had been anticipated to resonate with a broad audience. Katherine Pope of Sony Pictures Television Studios voiced her enthusiasm when the initial order came from Amazon, highlighting the influence of the creative team and partnerships aimed at bringing a fresh narrative to audiences globally.

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While the future of “Silik: Spider Society” is currently shrouded in uncertainty, the project’s inherent value and potential for success remain vibrant. The dedicated fanbase and potency of Marvel’s character roster suggest that Cindy Moon’s transition to the small screen is not so much a question of “if” as it is “when” and “where”. The series, as with so many of today’s narratives, finds itself in a complex battlefield of streaming service politics and economic forecasting. Yet, the anticipation surrounding Cindy Moon and her heroic alter-ego assures us that Silk’s story is far from over.


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