Little Danny and the Greyscale Rainbow



Little Danny found himself at a crossroads. Miss Pepper, the kindly school marm, was long dead and all that remained of her was a lock of her magic earlobe. Clutching it tightly, Little Danny wished a wish and suddenly, the crossroads before him merged, like a thunderous earthquake that gave off no sound – into one, single path.

It twinkled with silver polish and smelled like a fancy bathroom. Up ahead, the skies were pinkish nothing and a lone bird cawed a caw. Little Danny smiled, and headed forward down the long, and slippery path. At last, he would find the Redwood Ravine and save Squirrel the Squirrel’s family.

With a hop, a skip and a staggering shimmy – Little Danny was almost to the forest when suddenly he realized he’s forgotten to take his Lactaid. His stomach gurgled – his colon writhed. How he wished he hadn’t spent all that time lay-a-boutin’ back in Gorgonzola Gulch, where the air you breathe is thick as cream cheese.

And suddenly, unable to help himself, Little Danny let loose a green stank cloud of such wretched filth, that it took on an actual personality and became a bonifide entity. Little Danny rubbed his eyes in disbelief. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I am Dark Vapor — your inverse conscience. Made of your deepest stank, I shall curse you all your days.”

Little Danny was aflush — “But please, I must make it to the Redwood — to save Squirrel the Squirrel’s farm from being turned into a Walnut Mart by an evil conglomerate.”

“Gay much?” said the cloud, as it twirled into a tornado and ruined an entire mushroom village just for jollies.

WILL Little Danny face his greatest adversary and vanquish Dark Vapor?
SHALL Little Danny ever make his way to Redwood Ravine?


Level 9 Sorcerer. Former Bard.

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