Tears from laughing so hard

Here’s the thing. I love the VH1 show, Acceptable TV. I love almost every sketch/show they’ve ever run.


Watch it.

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No Responses to “Tears from laughing so hard”

  1. Lekker Stuk says:

    So funny!  Thanks for sharing this.  I don’t get cable so I’m always 4 years behind on good television, but I’m glad these are available online.  I read about this a couple weeks ago on the This American Life blog as well.  Here’s what Ira Glass had to say about it:

    Ira Appears on Acceptable.TV

    Host Ira Glass writes: “I was invited to play a prison gang member in a cartoon. Oh, sure, I winced at the typecasting, but it seemed like it’d be fun, so I did it. I like Acceptable.TV, though it seems to be the worst-publicized show in the history of television. I have yet to meet anyone who’s ever seen it or even heard of it. The surprisingly enjoyable premise of the show is that each week, they present five ‘TV pilots,’ and we in the audience vote for which ones we want to see again. Then the next week, two winners return with new episodes.

    “If you want to witness them at their full genius, go to their site and watch ‘Homeless James Bond’ or ‘FBAbdullah.’ And is it okay to say on a public radio website that I loved a TV pilot they did called ‘Who Farted?’ (If you watch that one, note the incredible and perfect music they created for it.)

    “The people who make the show seem to love everything about the conventions of television and to see through those conventions with piercing, critical, x-ray eyes—all at once. One of their go-to moves that I especially love is that many of the sketches end on these fake-sincere moments where the characters have tender, TV-sized heartstrings moments. The one in ‘FBAbdullah’ is sort of a classic, but in the very same episode there’s also one in ‘Gayliens’ and another in ‘Operation Kitten Calendar.’ I don’t think I’ve seen other sketch comedies do this as well (or certainly as often). It gives the sketches (excuse me, the ‘pilots&#8217 satisfying endings, which apparently is a tricky thing to do in sketch comedy. The cartoon I’m in is the fifth episode with Mr. Sprinkles. He’s a Cat in the Hat figure who enters kids’ homes when it rains, inevitably terrifying the kids. They always call the cops, which is how he ended up in prison.”

  2. Cybergosh says:

    I don’t know.  Unicorns were funny…Kitten Calendar had its moments…there have been some “shows” that kept me mildly amused.  But honestly..even the unicorns got me antsy.  There is something about this show that doesn’t click with me.  I think its because i really do not like the personalities involved with it.  Heatvision & Jack would not have been the “Heatvision & Jack” that we love so much without Jack, Owen, and Ben.  That Harmon dude should stick to being the cool writer he is and not be in front of any cameras.  He comes off as a smug prick to me.  The only one i like in the whole show is that “who’s gonna train me!?” dude.  I will continue to tivo and scan through every week.  Unicorns is definitely the best i’ve seen so far.  I hate that Mr Sprinkles shit.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    I stumbled on to this, which i liked:


    (choose FAT GUY STUCK IN THE INTERNET if it doesn’t automatically load)…

    And then was in shock to see who directed this pilot…

    is this the SAME Ryan McFaul?!

    And Brian Stern and Jeff are “special thanks” in the credits.

  4. junky says:

    LOL, amazing!  And btw – mr sprinkles rules!