Wizarding Worlds and Cosmic Coasters: Universal ‘Epic Universe’ Theme Park Unveiled!


Universal Orlando Resort has unveiled a dynamic new chapter in theme park entertainment: the Epic Universe. This colossal project, first announced in 2019, is set to redefine the landscape of theme park experiences, merging innovative storytelling with state-of-the-art technology.

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The centerpiece of Epic Universe is Celestial Park, a mesmerizing gateway that sets the tone for the entire adventure. Described as a fusion of astronomical and mythological elements, Celestial Park is a visual feast, featuring lush living gardens, shimmering waters, and architectural marvels. A standout feature here is an array of water fountains that not only sway and dance but also soar up to 135 feet in the air, choreographed to music and interactive lighting.

The park’s attractions are equally ambitious. Starfall Racers, a dual-launch racing coaster, promises to be a thrill-seeker’s delight, rocketing riders up to 62 mph and 133 feet into the air. Meanwhile, the Constellation Carousel offers a whimsical experience for all ages, where guests can ride constellations that move in various directions, including full 360-degree rotations.

Epic Universe is not just about thrills; it’s a cultural tapestry that blends beloved franchises with new, imaginative worlds. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic offers a unique blend of 1920s Wizarding Paris and the iconic British Ministry of Magic, providing fans with a fresh perspective on a beloved universe.

Super Nintendo World is another exciting addition, marking the third of its kind in the Universal theme park family. Here, guests will step through a green pipe into the interactive play world of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong, featuring familiar experiences and new adventures.

For fans of “How to Train Your Dragon,” the Isle of Berk portal offers an immersive experience, allowing guests to soar with dragons and partake in Viking adventures. This park section is inspired by the animated film franchise and the upcoming live-action film.

Last but not least, the Dark Universe portal pays homage to Universal’s cinematic history with its classic monsters, while also offering a contemporary twist. Here, guests can engage in unique experiences like participating in the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein.

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To accommodate visitors who wish to extend their stay, the Universal Helios Grand Hotel offers 500 rooms with unparalleled views of the park and its own dedicated entrance to Epic Universe.

Epic Universe is more than just a theme park; it’s a multi-dimensional journey that invites visitors to explore, engage, and be enthralled. As it prepares to open its doors in 2025, it promises to be a landmark addition to the world of theme park entertainment.


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