The Last of Us Part II Remastered Review: An Enhanced and Exceptional Post-Apocalyptic Retelling


“The Last of Us Part II Remastered,” a game that beckons players back into its harrowing yet captivating embrace, the line between remaster and innovation blurs. While maintaining the core narrative and gameplay mechanics of its 2020 predecessor, this PS5 revamp elevates the experience with visual enhancements, immersive DualSense integration, and tantalizing new content that reinvigorates the already acclaimed title.

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The journey through Ellie’s and Abby’s stories, a narrative mosaic of vengeance and redemption, remains as emotionally charged and controversial as ever. The PS5 edition, however, shines in its rendering of this broken world. The graphical fidelity, with its near-photorealistic character models showcasing minute details like dirt under fingernails and frayed laces, reflects Naughty Dog’s attention to the subtleties of a ravaged civilization.

Yet, it’s the new “No Return” mode that truly distinguishes the remastered version. This roguelike addition reframes the game’s stealth and combat mechanics into a series of challenging, randomized encounters. Players navigate various scenarios with unique modifications, facing various enemies and environmental conditions that demand adaptive strategies. The mode introduces a fresh gameplay rhythm, standing apart from the main narrative yet deeply rooted in the game’s world.

The upgrade to PS5 also brings notable improvements in haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionalities of the DualSense controller. These features, although subtle, enhance the tactile experience, whether it’s feeling the vibration of a guitar string or the tension of a bowstring. Still, the visual enhancements, while impressive, don’t represent a monumental leap from the PS4 version, especially when played on the PS5. The remaster walks a fine line between refining and reiterating, leaving some to question the necessity of its release so soon after the original.

“The Last of Us Part II Remastered” is a nuanced extension of a modern classic. It respects its source material while expanding upon it meaningfully, particularly through the “No Return” mode. Balancing its minor visual improvements with significant gameplay and immersive enhancements, it stands as a compelling example of how to thoughtfully remaster a game.

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RATING: 4.5 out of 5.0

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is now available for PlayStation 5.

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  1. Maya Sanchez says:

    love this game and i played it three times

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    I cannot wait to see this in the TV series. The cast looks fire!

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