New Year, New Games: Latest Additions to Xbox Game Pass This January


As the confetti settles from the New Year’s celebrations, Xbox Game Pass ushers in 2024 with a thrilling lineup of games, each a unique gateway into fantasy, strategy, and suspense realms. The service’s latest additions offer various adventures that promise to captivate, challenge, and transport players far beyond their living rooms.

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Close to the Sun – Embark on a narrative-driven journey aboard the Helios, a monumental ship steeped in scientific achievements and dark secrets. Players guide Rose Archer, a determined woman searching for her sister, through an electrifying plot that combines historical elements with steampunk aesthetics. It’s a game of wit and discovery, where each corridor turned uncovers a new piece of a grand, unsettling puzzle.

Hell Let Loose – Prepare for an intense, large-scale World War II combat experience in this hardcore, multiplayer first-person shooter. With 100-player battles spread across massive, historically accurate maps, teamwork and strategy are as vital as your shooting skills. Each player’s contribution is crucial, affecting the team’s success on a grand scale, making every victory and defeat significantly impactful.

January 9th

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Step into the boots of Eivor, a fierce Viking warrior, and explore a stunningly detailed landscape set against the backdrop of England’s Dark Ages. Raid your enemies, build your settlement, and navigate the complex political landscapes to carve a place for yourself among the gods. It’s a story of power, intrigue, and combat that builds on the rich legacy of the Assassin’s Creed series.

Figment – This action-adventure game transports players into a whimsical and surreal world representing the human psyche. Accompanied by the ever-optimistic Piper, join Dusty on a quest to restore the lost courage within a mind filled with whimsical creatures, puzzles, and songs. It’s a journey through the various facets of the human spirit, portrayed with a unique blend of humor and adventure.

January 11th

Super Mega Baseball 4 – Step up to the plate in this fun, arcade-style baseball game that’s all about the love of the sport. With its easy-to-learn mechanics and deep skill curve, it’s perfect for casual players and hardcore baseball fans alike. Enjoy the series’ signature style and depth, whether pitching, batting, or making game-winning catches.

We Happy Few – Return to the dystopian English city of Wellington Wells, a society in denial of its grim reality thanks to the hallucinogenic drug, Joy. This game combines adventure, survival, and a dark storyline, where players must blend in with the drug-addled inhabitants or risk arousing suspicion. It’s a narrative of conformity and rebellion, set in a retrofuturistic 1960s England.

January 16th

Resident Evil 2 – Relive the terrifying saga of Raccoon City in this beautifully remade horror classic. As either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield, players navigate the zombie apocalypse, uncovering dark secrets and surviving the relentless horrors that lurk around every corner. The game is a masterclass in tension and atmosphere, with modernized gameplay that makes the nightmare more real than ever.

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Those Who Remain – Darkness envelops the town of Dormont in this psychological thriller. Players navigate a story of light and darkness, making choices that affect not only their fate but the town’s fate. As the boundaries between right and wrong blur, you must stay sharp, question everything, and hold onto your sanity to make it through the night.

As these titles ready themselves on the stage, a few cherished experiences prepare their exit. “Grand Theft Auto V”, the “Persona” series, and others are set to leave mid-January. These departures remind us that while some adventures conclude, gaming is a revolving door of new worlds to explore. Grab your controller, and dive into these new tales of courage, mystery, and adrenaline. Happy gaming in 2024!


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