Riley Keough & Jesse Eisenberg Star in the Shrouded ‘Sasquatch Sunset’


A mysterious cinematic endeavor, “Sasquatch Sunset,” has quietly emerged with this first image from the upcoming movie. The Zellner brothers, David and Nathan, known for their work on “Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter” and “Damsel,” helm this intriguing project. Bleecker Street has acquired the U.S. rights, signaling a venture into a story that promises to be as unique as it is secretive​​​​.

“Sasquatch Sunset,” still shrouded in mystery, is described as “a year in the life of a singular family.” This tantalizing snippet, though brief, hints at a narrative rich in character study and potentially steeped in the unique storytelling style the Zellner brothers are celebrated for. The Zellner brothers have already left their mark with their short film, “Sasquatch Birth Journal 2,” and with David Zellner’s acting in “The Art Of Self-Defense.” The film, post-production as of 2022, was filmed in Northern California, away from the prying eyes of Hollywood’s ever-watchful gaze​​​​.

The “Sasquatch Sunset” casting adds intrigue and depth to this enigmatic project. Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg, actors of significant acclaim and versatility, take the lead. Their past works, from Keough’s “Daisy Jones & The Six” to Eisenberg’s iconic role in “The Social Network,” promise a dynamic and compelling on-screen chemistry. Including Nathan Zellner and Christophe Zajac-Denek in the cast further cements the film’s potential for captivating performances​​​​.

The film’s production team brings together an eclectic mix of talent and vision. Producers Lars Knudsen, Tyler Campellone, George Rush, and David Harari join forces with the Zellners and Eisenberg. Ari Aster, synonymous with groundbreaking cinema, serves as an executive producer alongside Keough and Gina Gammell under their Felix Culpa Banner. This collaboration of minds, known for pushing cinematic boundaries, suggests “Sasquatch Sunset” will be an experience far from the ordinary​​… but we’ll need to wait until 2024 to find out!

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