No ‘Star Wars’ for Marvel’s Feige: What’s Next for the Franchise?


The recent confirmation that Kevin Feige’s much-anticipated “Star Wars” movie is not moving forward strikes a chord of both surprise and inevitability. Feige, the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), was set to bring his Midas touch to the “Star Wars” galaxy, a move that had fans and industry insiders alike buzzing with excitement since its announcement in 2019.

Kevin Feige

The project’s cancellation, confirmed by Feige himself during an interview at the Las Vegas premiere of “The Marvels,” marks a significant shift in the trajectory of the “Star Wars” franchise. This development comes amidst a period of reevaluation and redirection for Lucasfilm, as it navigates the post-Skywalker era of its storied saga.

Feige’s foray into “Star Wars” was never fully detailed to the public, but it was known that “Loki” creator Michael Waldron was brought on board to pen the script. The collaboration between Feige and Waldron, following their successful partnership in the MCU, was a tantalizing prospect, offering a blend of Feige’s proven formula for blockbuster success and Waldron’s fresh narrative approach.

However, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s recent comments suggest that the project never fully took off. While acknowledging Feige’s deep love for the “Star Wars” universe, she indicated that no concrete idea or plan ever materialized. This revelation paints a picture of a project that existed more in the realm of possibility than in actual development.

The scrapping of Feige’s “Star Wars” movie is not an isolated incident in the franchise’s recent history. It joins a list of projects, including the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss trilogy and Patty Jenkins’ “Rogue Squadron,” that have either been shelved or remain in limbo. This pattern reflects the challenges Lucasfilm faces in expanding the “Star Wars” universe while maintaining the essence and appeal of the original saga.

Rey Skywalker movie

Despite this setback, the “Star Wars” universe is far from stagnant. Lucasfilm is moving forward with several projects, including a feature film with Daisy Ridley reprising her role as Rey, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and written by Steven Knight. Additionally, projects from Dave Filoni, James Mangold, Taika Waititi, and Rian Johnson are still in various stages of development.

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Kevin Feige’s departure from the “Star Wars” universe, while a loss in terms of what might have been, is not a death knell for the franchise. It represents a moment of recalibration, a chance for Lucasfilm to reassess its direction and strategy in a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape. As the “Star Wars” saga continues to unfold across multiple platforms and narratives, it remains a beacon of storytelling potential, its future as vast and unpredictable as the galaxy it portrays.


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