Dial ‘S’ for Sequel: The Black Phone 2 Connects with June 2025 Release


With a slated release for the summer of 2025, The Black Phone 2 dials back into the eerie universe crafted by director Scott Derrickson, with Universal Pictures and Blumhouse at the helm. The original, a chilling blend of childhood fears and supernatural suspense, left audiences gripping their armrests and glancing over their shoulders. Now, the sequel promises to push the boundaries of this nascent franchise further into the dark.

Details remain shrouded in mystery, much like the plot of its forerunner, but hints have surfaced like ripples in a still pond. Derrickson, alongside his writing partner C. Robert Cargill, teases a continuation of the narrative, with author Joe Hill—the progenitor of the original story—harboring a compelling vision for the sequel. Speculation abounds: Will we delve deeper into the psyche of Finney Shaw, the boy who survived the clutches of a child killer, or will a new evil step into the phone-lit limelight? Could the sequel unearth the backstory of the original’s antagonist, The Grabber, or will it pivot, introducing a fresh face of terror?

The first film’s conclusion, a blend of triumph and unresolved trauma, suggests a rich soil from which to grow a sequel. The possibility of a “Doctor Sleep”-esque follow-up, with an adult Finney grappling with the ghosts of his past, is as tantalizing as it is terrifying. Alternatively, the sequel could pivot entirely, exploring new characters tied together by the sinister thread of the black phone—a device that allows communication with the dead.

As the industry buzzes with the news of the sequel’s release date, one thing is certain: “The Black Phone 2” is poised to be more than a mere echo of its predecessor. It stands on the precipice of becoming a dark mirror, reflecting our deepest fears and the enduring allure of the horror genre. Whether it will answer the lingering questions left by the first film or disconnect from the established narrative to chart a new course, remains to be seen. But the ring of “The Black Phone 2” is one that cannot be ignored, a siren call for horror aficionados and the uninitiated alike, beckoning them to a rendezvous with the unknown on June 27th, 2025.

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