Remnant II Review: The New Standard for Soulslike


Discovering the original Remnant from the Ashes was a breath of fresh air in this ever-evolving genre of Soulslike games. It offered a unique setting with fascinating landscapes, a compelling narrative, and captivating ‘melee-and-guns’ gameplay. Now, from the house of Gunfire Games, this successor to the acclaimed game transports players to an even more engaging post-apocalyptic universe brimming with life, danger, and ample room for exploration.

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Remnant II is a testament to how an ambitious sequel should be crafted. It elevates the genre to new heights by pushing the boundaries of artistic design and gameplay mechanics. The game’s rich world is meticulously built, showcasing impressive architectural structures and captivating environments that feel alive, creating a strong sense of immersion.

Gunfire Games’ pursuit of depth and intricacy has led to the introduction of an exceptional amount of content, far surpassing its predecessor. New worlds, ferocious enemies, and an expansive arsenal of weapons provide an added layer of richness to the gameplay. The impressive range of weaponry offers greater strategic flexibility, making each combat encounter feel fresh and engaging.

The procedurally generated environments of Remnant II, a hallmark of the original game, have been given a substantial upgrade. The enhanced randomization mechanic aids in creating unique, immersive worlds on every playthrough, ramping up the game’s replayability… which also extends to a meatier multiplayer experience.

Remnant II certainly holds its own against the broader backdrop of Soulslike games, successfully marrying the best elements of the genre—complex combat, sprawling levels, and cryptic storytelling—with its unique features, creating a distinct identity. Its emphasis on cooperative gameplay sets it apart, fostering camaraderie in the face of brutal challenges, a feature not commonly seen in other Soulslike games.

Remnant II Review

While Remnant II shines in most areas, it does have a few areas that leave room for improvement. Per usual, it’s tough, and while it eases players into the game better than the original, some may find the difficulty curve a little uneven at times, making certain parts feel more frustrating than challenging. Additionally, while the deep lore adds an intriguing dimension to the game, the cryptic storytelling can sometimes feel too opaque. We like that but realize it’s not for everyone.

Despite these minor shortcomings, Remnant II presents a compelling journey that fans of the genre will find difficult to resist. With its mesmerizing world, intricate combat system, and fascinating lore, it serves as a shining example of the Soulslike genre’s potential. Rewarding yet challenging, Remnant II builds on the successes of its predecessor, delivering an experience that is more polished, engaging, and thrilling. It embodies what makes the genre so captivating while bringing fresh elements to the table, creating a familiar yet refreshing experience.

Remnant II has established itself as a defining experience in the genre by pushing boundaries while honoring its roots. The game is not only a worthy successor to the acclaimed Remnant from the Ashes but also a remarkable addition to the Soulslike genre as a whole.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Remnant II will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X on July 25th.

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    I like how they added different relic hearts with their own stats and charges. A much better play!

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