Is Nintendo, Sony and Xbox Skipping E3 2023?


It’s been four long years since the last physical E3 event, and fans eagerly await its return. Historically, E3 has been a major platform for the gaming industry to showcase its latest creations, and this year was supposed to be no different. However, it seems that the return of E3 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center might be a little less exciting as three of the most highly-anticipated exhibitors won’t appear.

According to multiple sources, Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo won’t be part of E3 2023, leaving fans disappointed. But don’t worry, Xbox has a few tricks up its sleeve! Xbox CEO Phil Spencer spoke with IGN last week and confirmed that the platform holder is timing its showcase with E3, but not as part of the show itself. Xbox has been a long-time supporter of E3 and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), and Spencer wants to ensure that the event is a success.

Although Xbox’s plans for the showcase remain unconfirmed, in the past, it has held a showcase, preview events, and press mixers. Despite recent cuts and layoffs, Xbox still has several major releases in the pipeline for 2023, including the highly-anticipated Starfield.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Xbox that won’t be on the E3 show floor this year. Traditionally, Nintendo has maintained a booth, but this year, sources say that Nintendo and Sony won’t be part of the event. PlayStation dropped out in 2019 due to reported disagreements with the ESA, and it’s unclear if Nintendo and Sony plan to time a showcase with E3.

E3 is a significant event for the gaming industry, and ReedPop, the contract runner for E3, is determined to make it a success. The company has been working with ESA members to create a new type of E3 that supports their goals and needs. Although the process took time due to the amount of input from stakeholders, ReedPop is confident that the lineup of exhibitors will make the trip to Los Angeles well worth it for both the industry and consumers.

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So, get ready to geek out with us and hope E3 2023 is a new era of gaming conventions and a not-to-be-missed event for all gaming fans.


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