‘Party Down’ Movie Is A Go!


THR – After being canceled in 2010 and having hints of a film continuation dropped by series star Adam Scott, Megan Mullally confirmed the project was moving forward while addressing reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

“I will be doing the Party Down movie,” she said. “John [Enbom] is writing it right now.”

After the panel, where Mullally appeared alongside other actors and showrunners from Fox’s Wednesday comedy block, the newly minted Breaking In star relayed more details about the movie to a scrum of reporters. The entire cast is coming back, with the possible exception of Jane Lynch, who she was not sure about. And she believes the story will pick up just where the second season finale left off. Prior to Enbon fully fleshing out the script, Mullally says he turned in an outline that was “enthusiastically approved” by investors.

“I think we’re going to see Lydia’s ex-husband — Ed i think is name — who was really racist and a misogynist,” Mullally said of her character’s possible story in the film outing.

Party Down followed a hapless group of Los Angeles caterer-waiters and ran for 2 seasons and 20 episodes. It was created by Enbom, Veronica Mars scribe Rob Thomas, Dan Etheridge and Paul Rudd. Mullally says filming will take place in the late spring or early summer.


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