Matthew Holness broke new comedy ground as horror writer turned 80’s television actor Garth Marenghi in the British dark comedy Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace – a cult series that should be every bit as successful as Gervais’ Office (on which Holness also appeared). While Marenghi spin-off Man To Man With Dean Lerner held us over for a bit – it only made us hungrier for more Marenghi. And while Holness has recently appeared on Gervais & Merchant’s brilliant Life’s Too Short, he was severely under-used on that series. But don’t fret! It looks like Holness is up to his old bag of tricks with his current project, a new feature film spoof of both ‘80s cop dramas and Death Wish type films. The Reprisalizer will follow the twisted acts of Bob Shuter, described as “a normal newspaper kiosk vendor until gangsters electrified his brother’s testicles by car battery.”

Warp Films – which produced fellow Marenghi creator/co-star Richard Ayoade’s Submarine – is backing the project, which Holness has written. It’s scheduled for a summer 2013 release, but you can get a taste of The Reprisalizer’s brand of justice right now by heading over to the OFFICIAL SITE! Buck Up!


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