Wait–Danny Elfman Scored A Cirque Show?!!


We here at EG have been Danny Elfman fans since way back before his career as a film composer, back in the days when The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo ruled supreme. Since then, we have collected every physical CD release of his work. So we are completely taken back by this late discovery – ELFMAN composed the score for a Cirque du Soleil show, right under our noses here in LA no less! The CD was released in November 2011 and is streaming on the show’s site, which has this to say…

“From the live Cirque du Soleil® show, IRIS – A Journey Through the World of Cinemaâ„¢, performing exclusively at Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, comes its studio soundtrack by multiple OSCAR® nominated composer Danny Elfman. Best known for scoring music for television and movies (The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives and many of Tim Burton’s films including Alice in Wonderland) and having earned numerous honors, Elfman joins Cirque du Soleil for the first time to compose and produce the music of a poetic phantasmagoria inspired by the world of cinema. The unique blend of 100 orchestral musicians – the largest number in Cirque du Soleil recording history – spread over large and small ensembles are mixed with the live show’s eight house musicians working with and around each other, are now brought together on this 17-song album. Supporting the show’s kaleidoscope of movement, moods and images, Danny Elfman evokes the language of film music, magnifying the emotions of this surrealistic tribute of the seventh art, cinema.”

Okay, so now that we know about this, when are we all going over to the Kodak theater to check this out!?!

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