Oz The Great And Powerful Movie Review – An EntertainmentGeekly Podcast


Oz The Great And PowerfulWe traveled far and wide to witness OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, Sam Raimi’s family friendly entry into the world that Alice In Wonderland built. You know the classic story of the Wizard of Oz, but here you find out what happened before Dorothy left Kansas. Expectations were low, as we are not Alice fans, but did the magic of James Franco and company enchant regardless?

Highlights include:

  • The glorious El Capitan theater in Hollywood – the best way to visit Oz.
  • The pre-show entertainment, and what’s with telling us about a movie we’re about to see ourselves??
  • Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz — who wins, who loses and who do we just love to see in the movies?
  • CG green screens vs. reality — how riveting is computer generated wizardy?
  • Elfman’s back! Sam Raimi’s back! TED Raimi’s back!!!
  • …And of course, a special treat made especially for us.

Hop a hot air balloon to your local cinema and let us know what you think, though for now, enjoy our OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL movie review podcast:


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