Pixar’s ‘La Luna’ Mysteriously Pulled From El Capitan ‘Cars 2’ 2nd Run in LA


So about a week ago Disney’s El Capitan sent out this to those on their mailing list. It was an announcement for a limited second run of this past summer’s refreshing taste of classic Disney 2D animation, Winnie The Pooh. Upon close inspection, the flyer also announced Cars 2 would be returning to the El Cap as well — with the BRAND NEW Pixar Short “LA LUNA.” Naturally, I was there earlier this evening — only one problem… La Luna wasn’t. No official explanation was given, just that it was “pulled at the last minute.”

While it was upsetting, all was not lost, as a brand new trailer for Pixar’s BRAVE hit me out of nowhere. Still, it would have been nice if the theater covered up their advertising, which was still in place after the box office closed for the night. Perhaps tomorrow they will cover all “La Luna” promotions or I suspect there will be a lot more disgruntled Pixar fans at their doorsteps throughout the next few weeks.

All I wanna know at this point is, WHEN will we be able to see LA LUNA outside the festival circuit!?