Spidey Is Still Awesome Outside Of Times Square


From The Orlando Sentinel — Broadway may be destroying Spider-man’s good name, but Universal intends on improving it. Universal’s Islands of Adventure’s Spider-Man ride, a staple at Islands of Adventure since the park opened in 1999, will be reanimated in high definition. The basic story will be retained, said Thierry Coup, senior vice president of Universal Creative Studios.

“The characters will be so amazing in details. You’ll be able to see the details in the flames of Hobgoblin’s pumpkins; you’ll be able to see electricity arcing through Electro’s body, Spider-Man’s glove when he’s pointing at us; you’ll be able to see the stitching in his glove — down to that detail.”

The ride also will receive new 3-D “Spider-Vision” glasses with lenses made of dichroic filters to improve the attraction’s color and clarity, Universal said. Spider-Man’s current downside “is that it uses film-projection technology from the ’90s in a 21st-century world where digital projection in high-end theaters has become expected and fantastic image quality is available at home with Blu-ray and even Blu-ray 3-D movies,” he said.

Read the full story, and additional news on a makeover to Universal Orlando’s unappealing Jimmy Neutron attraction into an equally unappealing Despicable Me ride at the Orlando Sentinel.

Check out video on the announcement with clips from from Universal Creative right HERE!


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