Micheal Jackson May Still Be Able To Heal The World


From CNN — “A Los Angeles inventor who photographed Michael Jackson 33 years ago hopes those images will now help launch an electric motor he claims could solve the world’s energy problems. Reginald Garcia will use cash from the sale of 130 unpublished Jackson photos to fund testing of the motor, which he claims generates more electricity than it uses. Garcia is in the process of getting the photos appraised and prepared for sale. The photos show a 19-year-old Jackson and his brothers during a video shoot at a Hollywood studio in March 1978, before he began changing his appearance with surgery. The Afro hair style and 1970s clothing show “a rare glance” of Jackson in an “awkward teenage stage,” an image that he personally tried to bury in later years, according to a collector who sold photographs to the singer.”

Read the entire article at CNN.

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