Daft Punk Coke!


Daft Punk Coke!

Coca-Cola introduces the Daft Punk X Coca-Cola “Club Coke.” Produced in two distinctive colorways, mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo, the gold and silver bottles will see a limited production run beginning in March 2011.

UPDATE: We’ve just been alerted that there is no official advertising or official track created for Daft Punk Coke. All videos, streams and MP3 relating this are fake or fan made, including the above. Club Coke 2011 has been created by Coca Cola, and Daft Punk have produced “something gorgeous and very exclusive on their side that will be revealed on daftcoke.com in May.”

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1 Response

  1. dodedance says:

    The Third Twin is who created the music. Is a TTT masterpiece, not crapy Daft Punk music, they are too much old to do music, check it Tron OST to understand what Im saying and compare with Direkttt album from The Third Twin.
    The Third Twin will win DP in an armfight in the commercial:
    Aliens= 1 Robots=0