TR3N ?…


It has just crossed $300 million and will likely top out between $350 and $400 million global. Is it enough for Disney to keep The Grid plugged in? The answer seems to be YES!

The toys are selling well and the ElecTRONica event at California Adventure is a HUGE hit and has been extended to April. And that’s just the start – the Imagineers are awaiting approval for a groundbreaking E-ticket attraction that may change them parks rides forever.

Read more over at Aint It Cool and at the Disney Blue Sky blog!

Sound off in the comment section about what you’d like to see in a third TRON film. I for one believe that Ed Dillinger Jr was extremely pissed off to be the butt of yet another of Kevin Flynn’s pranks – and would logically feel that HE should be the rightful heir to the throne at ENCOM. I’m guessing when Dillinger Jr picked up that phone and walked off screen it was the first move in making sure this type of software leak would not be able to happen again – perhaps even planning to create an Master Control Program to make sure of it?!?! Hmmmm…..

2013 cannot come soon enough!!!

Many folks like me are sad that this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will be the first since 2007 to not have a TRON presence. But with the End of Line not in sight and a big announcement looming, could the SDCC TRON Magic continue? FLYNN LIVES!


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