New Year, Nice ‘Season’


EG’s Eros Welker, MDhuff and Cybergosh welcomed the beloved characters back to Hollywood Blvd. as they made their way inside the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater Saturday night to catch their first film of 2011, “Season of the Witch.” Here’s what they had to say as they exited the theater and emerged back onto the Spider-man, Micheal Jackson and Na’vi filled street…

MDhuff: “We haven’t had one of these in a while — like a Beastmaster or Krull… hey, it is the best movie of the year so far.”

Cybergosh: “There are a lot worse movies. It’s an easy movie for people to pick on. I liked it. It was a fun entertainment!”

Eros: “…I’m the exact opposite. I’m the exact opposite of what he just said.”

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