Feldman Talks Lost Boys 3


MovieWeb recently spoke to Corey Feldman about Lost Boys: The Thirst, which features the long-awaited full-length return of Edgar and Alan Frog, A.K.A. the Frog Brothers, played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander.

From Movieweb: While Feldman reprised his role in Lost Boys: The Tribe, Edgar was reduced to a supporting character, actor Corey Haim (who played Sam Emerson in the original) was relegated to a bit part in the closing credits and Newlander’s scene was cut all together, and can only be seen in an alternate ending available on the DVD. Last year Feldman announced that Lost Boys: The Thirst would feature the return of the Frog Brothers but Haim would not be involved. Not long after that, we spoke to Haim himself, and while he confirmed that he would not be appearing in the latest chapter of the series, he was planning on returning to the franchise for Lost Boys 4. Unfortunately, with the actor tragically passing away last March, the triumphant return of Sam Emerson is something that fans will never have a chance to see.

Corey: “I spoke to him on the phone (while we were shooting Lost Boys: The Thirst) and we were talking about the fact that he wasn’t in it and how badly he wanted to be a part of it. We were all actually standing around talking the next day because he had put out a press release saying, “I spoke to Feldman, I’m not going to be in this film but I’m going to be in the next one.” You might remember that story breaking, that he was planning on returning to the series. So we were actually standing around the day we shot the cemetery scene (for Lost Boys: The Thirst where Edgar visits Sam’s grave), with all the other producers trying to devise the way we were going to be able to bring his character back in the next film, should we do one, and how it would best make sense to fit in with the whole storyline.”

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Lost Boys: The Thirst is available on DVD and Blu-ray beginning October 5th.

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